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Ericpol Office Building

Location   Łódź, ul. Sienkiewicza
Investor   Ericpol Sp. z o.o.
Design   HORIZONE Studio
Authors  Dominik Darasz, Bartłomiej Kisielewski, Robert Strzenski
Co-operation  Jagoda Boguslawska, Krystian Wawer, Nuno Oliveira

HVAC   Niras Polska
Structure   Zbigniew Kotynia Doradztwo Budowlane
General contractor   STRABAG
Area   ca. 11 500 m2
Design   2012-2013

More information and photos from the construction phase: http://www.horizone.com.pl/en/news/ericpol-office-building-construction-site-report

This project has already been recognized and appreciated. The Ericpol building subsequently received honorable mention at the Brick Award 2015. It was also listed as being one of the 10 most impressive new office buildings in Poland (Property Magazine). The Ericpol building is also featured in a world-wide touring exhibition of the best of contemporary Polish architecture organized by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Architektura-murator.
In May 2016 the Ericpol Office Building received the Association of Polish Architects "SARP Year Award" for best buildings completed in 2015 in the category of public buildings/office buildings, and was listed as one of six best buildings completed in Poland in 2015.

Other publications:
(Hong Kong):  http://www.gooood.hk/ericpol-software-pool-horizone.htm
: http://architizer.com/projects/ericpol-software-pool/

View from Tymienieckiego street, photo: P.Piątek

The building composes of the two four-story office wings, connected with each other by the glazed lift lobby. The lobby with the centrally located glazed meeting rooms opens itself on each floor to the surrounding green park.

The X-shaped building optimizes the use of the land and gives flexibility in case of the future rental of the office space. A single-story underground car park for 100 cars has been designed underneath.


Bird's-eye view of Ericpol office building and Cathedral on Piotrkowska street

Each floor is equipped with the conference rooms and recreational facilities for employees. The layout of the building has been designed to fulfill specific work and security requirement of the client. Repeatable rhythm of the external elevations recollects the style of the nineteenth-century factory buildings that were common in Łódź.

Characteristic colorful vertical blinds on the north and south facing facades refer to the Ericpol logotype. Building's west courtyard opens up directly to the old park where informal meeting places surrounded by the green landscape will be placed.

Courtyard, photo: W.Kryński
The corner of the building, view from the Tymienieckiego street, photo: P.Piątek
The corner of the building, view from the Sienkiewicza street, photo: P.Piątek
Brick cladding at the recessed ground floor, photo: W.Kryński
Side entrance from the Tymienieckiego street, photo: P.Piątek
Main entrance and facade details, photo: P.Piątek / W.Kryński
Meeting rooms on the ground floor, photo: P.Piątek
Meeting room on the 1st floor, photo: P.Piątek
Meeting room on the 1st floor, photo: P.Piątek
Meeting room on the 2nd floor, photo: P.Piątek
Staircases, photo: P.Piątek/W.Kryński
Detal of the staircase's balustrade, photo: P.Piątek
Entrance lobby on the ground floor with reception desk, photo: P.Piątek
Board meeting rooms - photo: P.Piątek
Board meeting room, photo: P.Piątek
Lift lobby on the 2nd floor with park view, photo: W.Kryński
Corridor with the lift lobby in the background, photo: W.Kryński
Corridors with hand painted graphics, photo: W.Kryński
Detail of the glass façade view from inside, photo: P.Piątek
Office spaces with the park view, photo: P.Piątek
Office space, photo: P.Piątek
Brick cladding detail, photo: Horizone Studio
Side entrance area from the Tymienieckiego street, photo: P.Piątek
South facade, photo: P.Piątek
Landscape details, photo: Horizone Studio
Detail of the brick cladding at the side entrance, photo: P.Piątek
View from the garden side, photo: P.Piątek
View of the front facade from the Sienkiewicza street, photo: P.Piątek
3D image - garden side view


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