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The Malopolska Regional Government Office in Krakow

Location   Krakow, al. Powstania Warszawskiego
Investor    Regionalne Centrum Administracyjne "Małopolska"

Urban concept and design of Buildings A & B:    HORIZONE Studio
Architects     Dominik Darasz, Bartłomiej Kisielewski, Robert Strzeński
Architects in co-operation   Jagoda Bogusławska, Krystian Wawer,
               Nuno Oliveira
Design of Building C:    Maleccy Biuro Projektowe

Green building consultant  VISIO Architects and Consultants
Structure   Marcin Matoga Konstrukcje Budowlane
Sanitary  CEGROUP
Electrical  OSET Jerzy Trześniowski
Road design  DA Projekt

Net area   ca. 41 150 m2
Total area   ca. 46 750 m2
Competition design  
Multidisciplinary design   2014-2016

The main task of the competition was to develop a new complex of buildings for the Regional Governmnent Office of Malopolska in Krakow. The main elements to be included inside the new buildings will be a regional assembly hall with communicating offices, a regional council, several departments of the Regional Government Office, local government units, as well as additional services like shops, restaurants, a nursery school.

In October 2013, the results of the first stage of the international competition were announced. The Horizone Studio proposal was among three awarded entries that were to be realised as a final project. In April 2014, as a result of the second stage of tendering, the Investor chose Horizone Studio's project as the concept that is to be built. Our proposal received the higest rate out of the three schemes that were presented during the final stage.

The Regional Government Office of Malopolska is a project consisting of three buildings (building A, B, C - planned for the 1st stage), that could be complemented in the future by two other buildings (building D, E - planned for the 2nd stage).

See also: http://www.horizone.com.pl/en/news/our-design-of-regional-government-office-selected-by-the-client

To meet the competition requirements the designers have set some priorities to be followed during the development of the main concept:
●  buildings should reflect the prestige of the institution of the Regional Government Office and at the same time, the architectural form, functional arrangement and premeditated construction should take into strict consideration the cost of accomplishment and further building maintenance
●  new buildings should create a modern complex whose scale and open common areas will attract visitors and will be a pleasurable environment for both guests and employees
●  create a new landmark, which despite a dominating size in the neigbourhood will contribute a new, quality public space in that part of the city
●  functional arrangements should be planned logically and flexibly to comply with modern office spaces
●  the contemporary principles of green/ecological architecture should be included with emphasis on  the „triple responsibility” aspects: environmental, social and economical.

The new complex of the Regional Government Office was planned as a three building configuration (buildings A, B, C planned in the first stage of the project) which could be supplemented by two another buildings in the future (buildings D, E proposed for the second stage).

When creating an urban plan and defining the size of each building several guidelines were followed:
- the main entrance to the Regional Government Office should face the Grzegorzeckie roundabout and should be proceeded by an elegant square
- building elevations from the side of al. Powstania Warszawskiego should have a maximum length in order to create a new frontage to the street (taking into account the limitation of the building terms regulations with regard to the maximum length of the front elevation of one building)
- from the side of the Mogilskie roundabout the complex of the Regional Government Office should give the impression of a „second front elevation” and should be open and welcoming for members of the public
- in the center of the whole complex, among the buildings a square inner yard with an inviting character will be formed. Separated from the noise of the street the square will be a meeting point and waiting area, a people friendly location, creating a relaxing, pleasent space. This square is expected to fully complement the ground floor functions of the Regional Government Office and also all commercial services.

Powstania Warszawskiego Street view
Main entrance hall
Urban context
Urban spaces
Parliament hall


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