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Sinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall

Location   Warsaw, Grochowska Street
Authors   Ingarden Ewy Architekci
Coopertation   Horizone Studio
Client   Sinfonia Varsovia
Plot   2.5 ha
Size   9 500 m2
Project   2010

The subject of the architectural competition was to develop a concept for the new Concert Hall for Sinfonia Varsovia. The new building is to be located on a 2.5 ha site, previously used by the Veterinary Institute on Grochowska Street in Warsaw.
Horizone Studio has been invited to collaborate on this project by Ingarden & Ewy Architects.

autor: Ingarden&Ewy Architekci, współpraca: Horizone Studio

The project assumes a coherent integration of historic buildings with the newly designed concert hall for 1800 seats. The main element of the urban concept was a longitudinal square situated centrally between the historic buildings and the new hall, connecting the development with both an adjacent park and the city. An integral part of the square is an external amphitheatre along with a café bar which allows for the expansion of artistic activity.

The form of the newly designed building is a clear consequence of its function. The building can be divided into two zones: the foyer on the south side of the square, and the back of the building facilities to the north. It was essential to provide adequate functional links within the building. The main hall was placed below the ground level to allow easy communication and reduce its height. Located at the same level rehearsal room, the main concert hall stage and storage facilities make it easy to be used. Natural light was allowed to penetrate into the underground floors.

autor: Ingarden&Ewy Architekci, współpraca: Horizone Studio

The transparent architectural character of the design goes well with the historic buildings. The side elevations built with a subtle form of steel strings symbolise a sound wave. The interior of the main concert hall has been designed as a "vineyard" type with a system of suspended balconies in a symmetrical arrangement.

An individual acoustic assessment for the project has been carried out by a London-based acoustic consultant. The system consisting of moving ceiling parts supported by movable acoustic screens allows for the creation of flexible acoustic backgrounds for different types of music.

autor: Ingarden&Ewy Architekci, współpraca: Horizone Studio


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