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Horizone Studio

Residence near Krakow, Lusina

Location   Lusina
Author   Horizone Studio
Client   Private
Size   378 m2
Project   2010

The building is located in Lusina near Krakow. An attractive place for people working in town that however prefer a lifestyle closer to nature away from the hustle of the city. It is a semi-detached two storey family house with usable attic and without basement, converted into one residential unit.

On the client’s request Horizone Studio designed a new external building façade and prepared a landscape design of the land around the house. As part of the landscape design wooden terraces, paths, driveways and a grass surface, partially in the form of a green roof over the garage have been proposed.One site of the plot has been enclosed by a retaining wall combined and integrated with the natural stone gabion walls being use as fencing on the remaining portion of the site. 

The use of natural stone correlates with the character and colour of the materials used for the building elevations. High quality materials were proposed as external wall finishes. Titanium-zinc metal cladding in combination with Fibre-C panels were chosen as main finishes.In addition to the above materials sliding timber louvres were used as shades for glazed areas.



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