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We have the best concrete building in the world


The Aviation Museum in Krakow received the Cemex Building Award

On 27th of October 2011 in Monterrey the results of an international competition Cemex Building Award for the world best building made in the architectural concrete technology were announced. The jury choose two most interesting buildings for the final: Prosta Tower in Warsaw by Kuryłowicz & Associates studio and a new building of Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow by Pysall Ruge Architekten with Bartłomiej Kisielewski.

An international jury decided that the best public building in the world made of concrete is a new Polish Aviation Museum, which received the grand prize Cemex Building Awards 2011 in the category of institutional and industrial structure.

That is a great distinction for the entire design team and all involved in the project implementation. The result also shows that Polish contemporary architecture become more recognized in the world.

Cemex Building Award is granted annually for 20 years to the architects and investors for the best structures accomplished with the use of architectural concrete technology at the national and international levels. Until now the buildings from over 20 countries worldwide were awarded in the competition. The international prize is granted in three categories: housing, institutional/industrial, infrastructure and urbanism. A total of 634 competition entries were received this year for the twentieth edition of the competition.

> more info: http://www.cemex.com/MediaCenter/BuildingAward.aspx

The Polish Aviation Museum was designed by architectural team of Pysall Ruge Architekten with Bartłomiej Kisielewski (co-owner of Horizone Studio). The structural designer is Arup Poland.

The new Museum headquarters was partly funded by the EU and the building was comissioned in October 2010. It functions as a showcase and exhibition centre with scientific and conference facilities, plus museum administration backup. The investor of the development was the Polish Aviation Museum - a cultural institution within the Malopolska Region.

This is a modern structure which creatively refers to the historical lanscape of the former airfield. The building is mostly finished with an exposed architectural concrete technology, used in two colors: light gray and athracite. According to the concept of the designers, those large monochromatic concrete surfaces form a background for the exhibits placed inside the building and are also interesting architectural details.



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