Horizone Studio

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Commitment and project-based approach

We create high-end modern architecture, tailored to the individual requirements of our clients. We are equally passionate about large and small scale projects, always looking for the best solution that meets the needs of the investor and the context of the place. We permanently cooperate with reputable industry offices, consultants and appraisers with experience in various projects.

Sustainable and innovative architecture

The activities of our studio have been firmly rooted in the idea of sustainable development for years, and the projects created in the office are the result of an integrated design process (so-called integrated design process). Our concepts are based on a philosophy that integrates ecological, social and economic aspects, aiming to minimize the negative impact on the environment while increasing the value of the investment.

International work scale

Our team of experienced architects offers professional advice at every stage of the project. Specialized knowledge gained from working on technologically advanced projects in international teams is one of the greatest potentials of our office today. We also have experience as a consultant and contact architect in cooperation with foreign investors and Project Managers on international projects in Poland.

Our team

Dominik Darasz

Partner in Horizone Studio

Bartłomiej Kisielewski

Partner in Horizone Studio

Robert Strzeński

Partner in Horizone Studio

Daria Trzepla

Lead architect

Tomasz Brajer


Anna Chrząszcz


Dominika Cieplak


Dariusz Grobelny

Associate architect

Dominika Kisielewska

Marketing and PR Manager

Aleksandra Kowalska

Model maker

Karolina Sarapata

Marketing and Administration

Oliwia Świąder


Aleksandra Trojnar


Izabela Winkler



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