Two PLGBC Awards

Horizone Studio has won two PLGBC Green Building Awards 2016

This year the awards were given in the following 6 categories:

  1. best completed certified green building
  2. the Best completed green building without a certificate
  3. the Best ecological project – professional
  4. the Best ecological project – student
  5. best green building in the public sector
  6. Green Product of the Year

Two of this year’s PLGBC Green Building Awards were given to projects submitted for the competition by Horizone Studio:

  • the realization of the Ericpol Software Pool office building in Łódź   (winner in the “Best completed green building without a certificate” category) and the
  • the project of the Marszałkowski City Hall Building Complex in Kraków (winner in the “Best Green Public Sector Building” category).

We are extremely pleased to receive these prestigious awards. The PLGBC Green Building Awards 2016 competition included investments commissioned or designed in the last 2 years.They were judged by a jury consisting of Prof. Dr. Eng. arch.Waclaw Celadyn (Cracow University of Technology – Chairman), arch. Jacek Ewý (Ingarden Ewý Architekci), Dr. Marcin Gawronski (Sweco Consulting), Dr. Aleksandra Witeczek (Silesian University of Technology), arch.Lukasz Zagala (Medusa Group).

The award for the UMWM building complex was accepted by President Wieslaw Bury of RCA Malopolska and designers from Horizone Studio and Małeccy Biuro Projektowe.

The award for the Ericpol office building was received by director Marek Ciastoń of Ericpol and designers from Horizone Studio.

Some facts about PLGBC 2016 conference

On October 5, 2016. Warsaw once again turned into a center of knowledge about green building with another 6th edition of PLGBC Green Building Symposium. The conference has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of events related to green building.

This year’s PLGBC Green Building Symposium brought together the voices of experts – representatives of the building community: architects, designers, developers and industry professionals who discussed the health and quality of life in new and retrofitted green buildings. The symposium brought together about 200 participants, including managers, investors, architects, property managers, designers, developers and potential tenants of green buildings. The conference was held under the honorary patronage of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Belgian Business Chamber, British Polish Chamber of Commerce, Business France Poland, Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Association of Polish Architects, World Green Building Council.

VI. PLGBC Green Building Symposium kicked off with a highly inspiring lecture by world-renowned TED speaker Michael Pawlyn on the topic of bioprinting. During his speech, Michael Pawlyn spoke about nature’s inspiration for improving the health and productivity of building users. This was followed by an opportunity to hear from the leader of the Building Envelope department at ARUP – Rudi Scheuermann. Rudi Scheuermann addressed the important issue of reducing the effect of urban heat islands and building facades. The pictorial presentations by both specialists were met with great interest.

Two panel discussions also had a similar reception, including one with representatives of the operators of all multi-criteria green certification systems used in Poland – representatives who flew to Poland for this discussion.

Among other things, they discussed optimizing the design process for effective green building retrofits.

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