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Business owners, entrepreneurs, companies

As an architectural office, we help entrepreneurs in the design of their premises and work spaces. In addition to our experience in implementing a variety of projects, we also have years of knowledge and practice in defining functional programs and preparing investment assumptions.

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Residential, office and service developers

We design developments that stand out from the rest with their functionality, unique features and modern approach. We create high-end architecture, tailored to market requirements and individual expectations of our clients.

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Foreign investors

In the course of its previous activities, Horizone Studio has participated in the design and implementation of investments in various markets in Europe. Our architects provide comprehensive support at every stage of the investment. As consultants and contact architects, we have participated in many international projects implemented in Poland and abroad.

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Public institutions, cities and municipalities

We prioritize the needs of the local community and create designs that harmonize with the environment and respond to the specific expectations of residents and building users. Our passion is to create modern urban space.

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ATAL Nowe Miasto Polesie stage 3 with a use permit!

The investment located in Łódź has received a use permit.

Horizone Studio in the latest issue of LIFE IN

In the heart of the city comfortably and in harmony with nature - Debowa Apartments

Horizone Studio in the new pink edition of A&B

The latest edition of A&B magazine features a statement by Bartlomiej Kisielewski on

New opportunities for investors, developers and cities in the context of ZPI and Lex developer

More articles with Horizone Studio, this time on the new ZPI and Lex developer laws

Cooperation between KKPW and Horizone Studio

Kaczor Klimczyk Pucher Wypiór - Advocates (KKPW) and Horizone Studio have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement in the context of the lex developer and ZPI law

Pact for Space

During the OEES Prologue, the “Pact for Space” of Krakow was signed

Horizone Studio honored as Company-Idea

OEES spot promoting Horizone as one of the Company-Idea

Construction is underway on ATAL’s residential development in Lodz according to the Horizone project

Implementation of the first 6 buildings of the New City Polesie 3 stage development

green building


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