Foreign investors

Analysis of customer needs and requirements
Local inspection, analysis of location and legal conditions
Preparation of analysis and conceptual design with 3D visualizations
Cooperation with international teams
Construction design
Obtaining approvals and permits
Technical design
Detailed design
Author's supervision and technical consulting
Cooperation as consultant and contact architect

In the course of its previous activities, Horizone Studio has participated in the design and implementation of investments in various markets in Europe. Our architects provide comprehensive support at every stage of the investment. As consultants and contact architects, we have participated in many international projects implemented in Poland and abroad.

Due to our international experience, we are aware of cultural differences and standards, so our projects are prepared with global trends and expectations in mind. We are fluent in English, German and Swedish.

Horizone Studio offers comprehensive design solutions, from consulting, analysis, concept and design to supervision of implementation. We take care of every detail to ensure that the architecture is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also functional and compliant with the investor's requirements and local regulations.

During 10 years of work in Germany, Sweden and Ireland, the office's partners have gained experience in designing and implementing projects for various international clients. Among other things, they took part in creating a new concept for the city of Helsingborg in Sweden, designing the Nordic Embassy team and the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, as well as in the revitalization of Dominick Street in Dublin. In Poland, meanwhile, we have co-created projects for foreign clients such as Rolls Royce, MAN and Schachermayer.

In carrying out projects, we guarantee high quality and innovative approach to design, which translates into satisfaction and success of the investment. You do not have to worry about the lack of knowledge of Polish regulations and realities. Our team is familiar with all procedures, which allows us to effectively manage the project and ensure its compliance with current standards.


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