Epol Soft office building in Brest, Belarus

Head office of an IT company operating in the European market
al. Republika/ul. Moscow, Brest, Belarus
Epol Soft Ltd.
Horizone Studio
Dominik Darasz, Bartłomiej Kisielewski, Robert Strzeński, Krystian Wawer
Jagoda Bogusławska, Maciej Warot
Local architect:
BrIG - Brzeska Inżynieryjna Grupa
GSBK Biuro Konstrukcyjne, Kraków
BFM Projekt, Kraków
Net area:
approx. 6 950 m2
Total area:
approx. 10 660 m2
Planned implementation:

The Epol Soft office building is designed to attract tenants and their clients.

The building’s central point is the internal courtyard, accessible from multiple directions. This green urban interior is designed to invite you to relax. The bottom floor of this office center has space for commercial premises for rent and a restaurant with an outdoor garden.

Designed by Horizone Studio pedestrian route with green islands and benches right next to it is planned to be a space for walking by residents and students of the nearby university.

The authorities of Brest have recognized the potential and city-shaping role of the building with publicly available services. As a result, they have decided to relocate the pedestrian promenade leading to the university so that it runs adjacent to the Epol Soft headquarters.

The Epol Soft office building features facades that have been designed to complement the building’s dynamic architectural form. The facades will achieve their unique look through the use of vertical “razor blades” that are two stories high and irregularly spaced around the entire building. All external joinery elements and facade finishing will be in copper colors, resulting in a modern appearance that sets a new standard for office buildings in Brest.

About our client:

Epol Soft – was established in 2007 as Ericpol Brest IOOO, being a member of the Ericpol Group – a leading developer in the telecommunications field. Thanks to working with Ericpol, the company gained the trust of European clients and established a reputation as a reliable partner. In 2010, it was the first among IT companies in Brest to become a resident of Hi-Tech Park. In 2011 and 2013, it was recognized as the best Belarusian regional center of the Hi-Tech technology park, based on the annual “Golden Byte” competition results. Additionally, in 2014, the company achieved the status of an “Oracle Gold Partner” (Oracle Corporation). By the decision of the founders, in 2016, the Ericpol Group changed its name to Epol Group, and Ericpol Brest – to Epol Soft. Currently, Epol Soft is an actively developing IT company participating in European and Belarusian projects, whose success has been repeatedly appreciated in the national “Entrepreneur of the Year” competition – in 2016 it won an award in the “Innovatively active business” category, and in 2019 in the “Stable business” category “.


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