Residential, office and service developers

Analysis of customer needs and requirements
Local inspection, analysis of location and legal conditions
Preparation of analysis and conceptual design with 3D visualizations
Inter-industry coordination
Construction design
Obtaining approvals and permits
Technical design
Detailed design
Author's supervision and technical consulting
ZPI and lex developer

We design investments that stand out from others by their functionality, unique features and modern approach. We create high-end architecture, tailored to the requirements of the market and the individual expectations of our clients. We approach each project, regardless of its scale, with passion and commitment. Our goal is to create places that not only meet the requirements of developers, but also the final users and will be an investment in the future.

We offer comprehensive design services for residential and office developments, from initial concepts to on-site supervision. Whether you are planning to build an apartment building in the city center or a modern office building in the suburbs, we are ready to take on the challenge and realize your project according to the highest standards, market requirements and business assumptions.

We are often involved already at the initial stage of the investment process, performing absorption analyses, risk analyses or variant development analyses.

By choosing Horizone Studio, you are assured that your investment will be in the best hands and will be completed on time. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are not afraid of challenges and always look for the best solutions. Trust us and together we will create something special.


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