TVN Facts on the most interesting green buildings

In the main edition of TVN Facts about the Horizone project.

More about the RM project on the website

Investor: RCA Malopolska

Design of buildings A and B and site development: Horizone Studio

Design of building C: Małeccy Biuro Projektowe

Other entries

ATAL Nowe Miasto Polesie stage 3 with a use permit!

The investment located in Łódź has received a use permit.

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In the heart of the city comfortably and in harmony with nature - Debowa Apartments

Horizone Studio in the new pink edition of A&B

The latest edition of A&B magazine features a statement by Bartlomiej Kisielewski on

New opportunities for investors, developers and cities in the context of ZPI and Lex developer

More articles with Horizone Studio, this time on the new ZPI and Lex developer laws

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