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Ericpol office building in the film of the cycle “Book of Space”

“The Book of Spaces”

is a series of documentaries aired on TVP Kultura, which presents issues of contemporary architecture and urban planning in Poland after 1989. The production crew reached more than 50 projects throughout Poland and more than a dozen architectural studios with their cameras. The program will feature 15 leading Polish architects who will share their own design experiences with viewers. In subsequent episodes, hosts Bogna Świątkowska, Jarosław Trybuś and their guests will present the most interesting and avant-garde architectural projects. Here are some of the topics that will be developed in the upcoming second cycle of the program: Blocks of the 21st century, One meter per student’s head, Cottage to work, On the streets of smaller cities, Caring roofs.

⇒ Also learn more about the Ericpol Software Pool office building

⇒ and its construction

In 2017, as part of the second edition of the series “Book of Spaces” on TVP Kultura, the following episodes will be shown:

  1. “Those who play and sing” – Philharmonics, concert halls
  2. “Addresses of what few” – Apartments and apartment complexes
  3. “Historical bricks, political concrete” – Museums
  4. “Cottage for work” – Office buildings
  5. “Spectacle, event, show”. – Theaters, convention centers
  6. “Caring roofs” – Buildings related to medicine, care and hospitality
  7. “High walls” – City halls, courts, headquarters of state-owned companies
  8. “21st Century Blocks” – Residential houses and housing complexes
  9. “One meter per student’s head” – Academic buildings
  10. “On the streets of smaller cities” – Buildings and spaces of small towns

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