BREEAM Excellent for Marshal’s City Hall

BRE has issued a BREEAM certificate for the City Hall building complex


BREEAM environmental certification report for the City Hall building complex is ready.

On 02.06.2015, several months of work on the preparation of the BREEAM multi-criteria environmental assessment report for the project of the building complex of the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region in Krakow was completed. The finished report was sent to BRE in London (the certification body) for verification.

The project received a score of 74.48% in the report, giving it a BREEAM Excellent certificate.

The author of the report is Grontmij, hired by the developer as an independent firm to conduct the certification process.

The green building consultant working on behalf of the developer is Visio Architects&Consultants. The high score was also made possible by advanced installation solutions and analysis prepared by installation designers from CEGroup and TWE Electric.

The detailed report with a score of 74.48% for BREEAM certification now sent to BRE, was prepared on the basis of a detailed analysis of the solutions included in the construction project. Compared to the preliminary analysis based on the conceptual design in December 2014. (73.10%), the assessment of the designed building has increased.

The building will first receive a BREEAM Interim certificate on the basis of the design, to be followed by a final certificate upon completion

Description of pro-ecological solutions used in the design of the Marshal’s City Hall.

Like most buildings with a Very Good or Excellent score, the project received points for, among other things, good location, high quality of finishing materials in the common parts of the buildings, BMS, etc.

Above-standard solutions used in the project of the Marshal’s City Hall in Krakow, which are scored in BREEAM and which allowed the project to obtain the BREEAM Excellet level include:

  • tri-generation system as a source of heat, cooling and electricity,
  • very extensive metering of installations and rooms,
  • very good access of natural light to the office premises,
  • comprehensive control system for lighting (zones, daylight sensors, presence detectors) and external blinds,
  • low water consumption thanks to water-saving faucets and toilets,
  • use of rainwater for watering greenery and flushing toilets,
  • bike racks on level -1 accessible by a special elevator for cyclists,
  • showers and a locker room for cyclists,
  • a whole program of measurements of the building’s parameters at the end of implementation (including measurements of volatile organic compounds, noise measurements, thermographic tests of windows, building airtightness tests).

What is BREEAM certification

BREEAM is a pro-environmental multi-criteria building assessment system. The name BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology. Certification according to the British BREEAM system is, along with the American LEED system and the German DGNB system, one of the three main international environmental certifications used in Europe and the world.

The organization that manages the BREEAM system is BRE Global, based in London. The system has been in existence since 1990. To date, more than 250,000 buildings in the UK and around the world have been certified.

The BREEAM system consists of 10 main categories, within which there are dozens of subcategories. The main categories are:

  • Management (Management – Man),
  • Health and Wellbeing (Health – Hea),
  • Energy (Energy – Ene),
  • Transportation (Transport – Tra),
  • Water (Water – Wat),
  • Materials (Materials – Mat),
  • Waste (Waste – Wst),
  • Ecology (Land use and Ecology – LE),
  • Pollution (Pollution – Pol),
  • Innovation (Innovation).

BREEAM certification is usually carried out in two stages: first, the building is evaluated at the Design Stage, resulting in the so-called “BREEAM Interim Certificate”, and then at the Post-Construction Stage, after which a Final BREEAM Certificate is obtained.

Buildings can obtain one of 5 levels of environmental quality: “Pass”, “Good”, “Very Good”, “Excellent” and “Outstanding”.

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