OEES debates on governance of the modern city

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The OEES prologue, held on November 15, 2021 at the MOS Malopolska Garden of Arts, was a day-long, multi-faceted discussion about the city.

Under the theme “Urban Scene. We are overlooking the city,” there was a creative discussion about:

  • modern city management
  • tools necessary for planning good urban space
  • causal factors determining its development
  • spaces open to meetings of residents of different generations and backgrounds
  • ecology, urban greenery and resilience to climate threats
  • new technologies and their impact on the development of the city and the everyday life of its residents.

The panel discussions were attended by representatives of various circles interested in the city, including the presidency of Krakow, scientists, urban space specialists, activists and other people interested in urban issues.

Under the slogan “WE SHINE THE CITY”, discussions were held, among others, by Prof. Rafał Matyja, Prof. Jerzy Hausner, Edwin Bendyk, President Andrzej Kulig, former Deputy Mayor of Krakow Krzysztof Gorlich, President Jerzy Muzyk, Joanna Erbel, Łukasz Pancewicz, Rector of UEK Prof. Stanisław Mazur, Robert Makłowicz, Prof. Tomasz Szlendak, Piotr Kempf, Joanna Rayss, Bartlomiej Kisielewski, Alek Janicki, Magdalena Sroka and others.

The discussions were moderated by Tomasz Janowski and Małgorzata Tomczak of A&B, with contributions from Kuba Drath of LoveKraków.pl and Marek Balawajder of RMF FM.

The discussions were divided into 5 panels:

Panel 1 – The city as a public domain. Spontaneous self-organization vs. authority management.

Panel 2 – Urban ground. Does the instrumentarium used allow to design a good urban space?

Panel 3 – Generaja City. How to create urban meeting places?

Panel 4 – Colors of the city: green. Urban green debate a field of cooperation or conflict?

Panel 5 – E-polis. New technologies in the service of the city.

During the 3 days of OEES Horizone Studio presented projects related to the creation of urban space. There were mock-ups of Krakow and Copenhagen.

In addition to viewing architectural mock-ups, it was also possible to enter a vitrual world by putting on VR goggles and watching, among other things, the buildings of the Marshal’s City Hall with their surroundings – a project that is still waiting for the start of its implementation.

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