Press conference and presentation of the project of a new investment in Lodz

Textorial Park Office press conference

St. Pauls Developments is a company that has been operating in the UK market for almost 30 years. It is known for undertaking challenging and ambitious projects, such as the development of the former Cortonwood coal mine in Rotherham or the construction of office buildings and industrial space on post-mining land in Brookfields.

St. Pauls Developments Poland is well known in Poland for its jointly conducted revitalization of a 19th-century fire station with Armada Business Park. This project won an award in the “Modernization of the Year 2000” competition. In 2009, he commissioned the first Class A office building in Lodz – Textorial Park, awarded the “Most Important Investment of the Year 2008”.

Horizone Studio specializes in designing office, public utility and residential buildings. Horizone architects gained their experience at home and in Germany, Sweden and Ireland. They are the author of, among others, the buildings of the Marshal’s Office in Krakow and the Ericpol office building in Lodz, which received the SARP award for the best office building in Poland in 2015. The office is one of the founding companies of the PLGBC Polish Green Building Council.

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