Nowy Targ Square Redevelopment in Wroclaw

Concept for the development of Nowy Targ Square, one of the main historical squares in Wroclaw.
Wroclaw, Nowy Targ square
Horizone Studio (Kraków), BIG-Städtebau (Kronshagen), Pysall Ruge Architekten (Berlin)
City Hall of Wroclaw
Development area:
approx. 1,2 ha
350 m2
Underground parking area:
10 000 m2

In order to revitalise the old atmosphere and importance of this place, the concept assumes a redefinition of its function and the introduction of activities that will attract residents and visitors. As a reference to the days of former glory, the concept intends that the three historical skylines of the buildings surrounding the former Nowy Targ, will be mapped on the surface through the use of different colour stones. These shapes, appearing like a shadow on the floor, will be highlighted at night by a linear lighting built into the pavement.

The main cubic element will be a glazed one-story city pavilion, located in the eastern part, which separates the square from the traffic of the adjacent street.

The glass facade elements will be complemented by Cor-Ten steel cladding and wooden louvers. The pavilion will house three functions: tourist information linked to a projection room sunk in the ground, a café with a garden, and a kiosk connected to an exit from the underground parking lot.

In the square, the architects have also designed a system of stalls that, when folded, can function as benches, a fountain located in the place of a former well, and elements of small architecture.

The location of the elements on the surface of the square allows maximum flexibility in planning a two-level underground parking lot.

Their appropriate placement provides the opportunity to hold a variety of events: concerts, outdoor exhibitions, fairs and a weekly food market, as has been the case for a number of years.

Appropriately designed lighting highlights the geometry of the square and its elements.


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