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In the coming year, the growth impetus for the architecture industry will continue to be residential construction, mainly due to the fact that there is a shortage of residential units, as well as the continuation of the 2% Safe Credit program, which has significantly warmed up this market. If the NOP funds are unlocked, I also expect the launch of public procurement, which would become the second driver of the architecture and construction market. The increasing emphasis on sustainability will also remain a leading trend. At Horizone Studio, we have been designing according to the idea of sustainable development for years.

A number of “green” solutions were used in the Debowa Apartments project, the construction of which began in 2023 in Lodz. Similar ones have been introduced in the Rydlówka 40 project in Krakow, which is nearing completion, for Nokturn Developer. The construction of the large ATAL New City Polesie development (stages 3A and 3B) in Lodz will also be completed in 2024. One of the assets of this development is the multitude of green recreational areas. Inside the complex there will be numerous plantings with trees, which will become private spaces for recreation and to foster neighborly relations.

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