New opportunities for investors, developers and cities in the context of ZPI and Lex developer

More articles with Horizone Studio, this time on the new ZPI and Lex developer laws

The law firm KKPW and the architectural firm Horizone Studio have joined forces to support investors planning investments under the housing speculative law – the so-called Lex developer or using the Integrated Investment Plan.

Kaczor Klimczyk Pucher Wypiór Attorneys at Law and Horizone Studio Architectural Office have entered into a cooperation agreement to provide investors with comprehensive services in the areas of legal and design services, related to the implementation of investments through the tools provided by the last major amendment to the Law on Planning and Spatial Development (Integrated Investment Plans – ZPI), as well as within the framework of the 2018 Law on Facilitation of Preparation and Implementation of Housing Investments and Associated Investments. – colloquially known as the developer’s lex (determination of the location of housing projects and accompanying investments – ULIM).

Conducting investments on the basis of the so-called lex developer has not always met with the favor of local authorities. Recent years have shown that there are cities that have been able to make good use of this tool. At the same time, in others – investments were not allowed to be carried out in this mode at all. The latest major amendment to the Law on Spatial Planning and Development in September 2023, introducing MIPs, which will be able to apply not only to residential developments, but also, for example, to service or manufacturing projects, opens up new opportunities. Currently – especially in places where the housing speculative law has not been applied, and in time – throughout the country, as eventually ZPI will completely replace ULIM.

We note the interest of cities in ZPI procedures, which have even been mentioned in official documents of some municipalities, such as the recently presented new strategy of Krakow. In our opinion, ZPI opens up a chance that developers and municipalities will want to use them more often, as a well-negotiated urban planning agreement, combined with a good design, provides the opportunity to improve the quality of space and control of both parties over planned development. It should be borne in mind that in order for the result of the agreement to meet with the final approval of the city councils, it must be satisfactory to all concerned. The successful procedures of the so-called Lex developer confirm this,” says arch. Bartlomiej Kisielewski, partner at Horizone Studio

The cooperation between KKPW and Horizone Studio opens up new opportunities for investors. This will be helped by both companies’ previous experience with procedures based on the so-called Lex developer. The combination of the knowledge and experience of a recognized law firm specializing in real estate industry issues and a renowned architectural firm is expected to assist developers in going through the process of investment planning, preparation of documents needed to conduct procedures, negotiation with municipalities of agreements on the implementation of the accompanying investment or urban planning agreements, and the final design, tailored to the specifics of the site and the requirements set by individual municipalities.

As part of their comprehensive service, KKPW and Horizone Studio offer consulting, preparation of legal analyses, functional and spatial analyses including complementary investments, preparation of formal documents, especially the ULIM application or the ZPI application with the ZPI project, and assistance in negotiations with municipalities.

Our many years of experience in servicing real estate development projects shows how important professional legal support is to the success of an investment, and at the same time how good results are obtained through close cooperation with experts from other industries involved in the investment process. We are convinced that the comprehensive product offered in cooperation with Horizone Studio, addressed to developers, will bring them real benefits, providing the opportunity to take full advantage of the opportunities provided not only by the existing, but also by the new legal solutions,” says Paweł Pucher, Partner at KKPW.

The proposal of KKPW and Horizone Studio is a new offer aimed at real estate investors. As of today, developers planning investment activities can take advantage of combined comprehensive legal and project services, both within the framework of already proven procedures based on the Housing Spec Act, as well as implemented based on the new solution, the Integrated Investment Plan.

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New opportunities for investors, developers and cities in the context of ZPI and Lex developer

More articles with Horizone Studio, this time on the new ZPI and Lex developer laws

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