The city – a living, multifaceted, complex body

In the latest magazine, our hybrid model of the city

Why is the hybrid model an ideal tool for discussing the city?

A city is a living organism that is constantly changing on many different levels. It is a complex creation, as each of its elements not only affects itself, but more importantly, the others. It is a system of interconnected vessels, which, in order to function properly, needs close and constant cooperation between the parties involved in its development (including representatives of the authorities, entrepreneurs, scientists, residents).

The hybrid model is a tool to facilitate the communication of parties in the discussion of the city. It is an interesting and innovative solution that can prove extremely useful in city design. It combines two worlds – traditional and digital technology.

Customized graphics and animation appear on a traditional urban mockup. These can include analyses of climate issues, the height of investments, insolation, traffic structure (e.g. traffic monitoring at different times of the day, which allows you to see where and when traffic jams may form).

By using digital technologies, project staging, proposed ideas and versions can be easily shown. The tool allows you to combine and overlay the results of the analyses and studies carried out, showing certain relationships and information.

The hybrid model can serve many functions: educational, tourist, serve as a tool for urban planners or politicians for city planning and public consultation.

Such a model was commissioned by the Helsingborg City Council in Sweden and made by Horiozne Graphics, a Krakow-based company. The model was presented at the H22 City Expo international construction fair. All the time it serves the office, among other things, to present new investments and conduct public consultations.

We hope that those responsible for Krakow’s development will appreciate and use the potential of the hybrid model in our city as well.

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