ATAL begins cooperation with Horizone

The companies signed a contract for a residential development project in Lodz.

Horizone Studio is an experienced and creative architectural office, headquartered in Krakow, specializing in the design of office, public and residential buildings. The architects are also passionate about creating friendly and modern urban space. For years, the studio’s activity has been strongly rooted in the idea of sustainable development, and the projects created in the office are the result of an integrated design process (so-called integrated design process).

Among other awards, in 2016 the office won the PLGBC Green Building Award in the category of best green building without certification for the Ericpol Software Pool office building in Lodz. The same project was honored with the Polish Architects Association’s Award of the Year for the best office building completed in Poland in 2015. On the other hand, Textorial Park II, recently designed by Horizone Studio in the Księży Młyn area of Lodz, has been recognized by the British organization BRE Global as one of the 10 most interesting projects in the world that in 2018. have been awarded a BREEAM environmental certificate.

ATAL delivered a record 2,678 residential and commercial units in 2018, more than 16% more than last year (2,308). Last year, the company contracted 2420 units. Assumptions for 2019 are that sales will remain high, at least at the same level as last year.

ATAL generated consolidated revenues of PLN 878.5 million from January to September 2018, up 36% year-on-year. In the same reporting period, the company generated PLN 166.7 million in net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company, up more than 26% year-on-year. Gross margin on sales from January to September 2018 was 27%, while in the third quarter of 2018 it was 24%. The net margin in Q1-Q3 2018 was 20%, and in Q3 2018 it was 17%.

In the first nine months of 2018, ATAL acquired 14 pieces of land in the Tri-City, Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław, Warsaw and Silesia for a total of about PLN 135 million. The total PUM of these lands is about 166 thousand sqm. This means the cost of purchasing sq. m. PUM at the level of PLN 812. In the whole of last year, ATAL spent more than PLN 232.3 million on the purchase of new land, which was a record result in the company’s history.

During the three quarters of 2018, ATAL launched a total of 17 projects with more than 2,812 units – Pomorska Park III and Apartamenty Drewnowska 43 II in Łódź, Przystań Letnica I in the Tri-City and Modern Tower in Gdynia, stage I of Krakowska 37 in Wrocław and subsequent stages (III-IV) of Nowy Miasto Różanka, In Krakow, ATAL Kliny Zacisze I, II A and B and the fourth stage of ATAL Residence Zabłocie or Bagry Park Lokale Inwestycyjne, in Katowice the first and second stages of the Nowy Brynów estate, while in Poznań the first and second stages of Milczańska Apartamenty and Rezydencja Chwaliszewo, and in Warsaw the third stage of Osiedle Warszawa.

In July 2018, ATAL paid a dividend of PLN 3.54 per share, or a total of about PLN 137 million, accounting for 80% of the Group’s net income. In 2017, ATAL paid a dividend of PLN 1.68 per share, which totaled PLN 65 million. A year earlier, the company paid investors PLN 23.6 million in dividends. In subsequent years, the dividend will be between 70% and 100% of the net profit for a given fiscal year.

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ATAL is a real estate development company specializing in the construction of residential complexes located within Poland’s largest cities. The founder and owner of ATAL is Zbigniew Juroszek, who has 25 years of professional experience. ATAL’s sales results ensure its leading position among the largest companies in the industry. The current sales offer includes real estate investments realized in Krakow, Katowice, Lodz, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Tricity and Poznan. ATAL is a member of the Polish Association of Developer Companies. In December 2013, the company’s bonds debuted on the Catalyst market. ATAL shares have been listed on the Stock Exchange since June 15, 2015.

For additional information, please contact: Łukasz Borkowski, PR&IR Manager ATAL, e-mail:, tel. (+48) 519 871 423

HORIZONE STUDIO to biuro architektoniczne z siedzibą w Krakowie, realizujące projekty w całej Polsce. Partnerzy biura swoje doświadczenie zdobywali na najbardziej wymagających rynkach Europy – w Niemczech, Irlandii i Szwecji. Horizone Studio jest zdobywcą wielu nagród architektonicznych i wyróżnień. Jest też jedną z firm założycielskich PLGBC Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Budownictwa Ekologicznego, członkiem South Poland Cleantech Cluster i Skandynawsko-Polskiej Izby Gospodarczej.

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