PLGBC International Symposium 2015

Horizone Studio one of the sponsors of the PLGBC conference

Excellent speeches, real discussions and the latest trends in green building development

During the conference you could learn how buildings affect the health, well-being and efficiency of their users. You could see the benefits of conscious design, construction and use of buildings. What benefits an employer derives from an office in a green building, and how to translate and measure these benefits.

Inspirational speaker Julian Treasure (5 TED appearances and 18 million viewers) talked about how indoor sound affects employee productivity. British specialist Phil Nedin revealed how to design and create a healthy and comfortable work environment. Another speaker was Phil Williams, one of the co-creators of the WELL Building Standard® system.

Practical information and hints raised during the discussion:

  • new work spaces: why leaders choose green offices
  • ensuring optimal conditions of use and comfort at work, and energy efficiency
  • global trends and the future in green, healthy and comfortable buildings with different functions.

The conference was leded by Radio Three journalist Kuba Strzyczkowski.

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