Superpath – a unique project in the center of Krakow

Horizone Studio is a partner of the “Super Path” project

In May and June, 4 workshops will be held at the Pauza in Garden clubhouse, the Malopolska Garden of Art building and one of the plots of land located in the project area. During these meetings, conducted by the Józef Dietl Foundation for Active Citizens in Krakow, residents divided into groups, under the guidance of architects and landscape architects, will develop their own proposals for developing the area along Warsaw Uprising Avenue. This will be a real test of participatory democracy.

Let’s create a Super-pathway together!

The Super Paths project includes a series of meetings and design workshops that will bring together residents of Krakow, architects, landscape architects, artists and representatives of community organizations.

There will be 4 main workshop meetings, which take place on consecutive Saturdays in May and June: 16.05., 23.05., 30.05. i 13.06.2015.

Architects from Horizone Studio will lead 3 workshop groups.

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A place that is currently used only for pedestrian and bicycle transit can become a friendly, lively and colorful neighborhood.

May 23,2015.

2nd Super Paths Workshop. Among the participants of the second design workshop for residents of Krakow, there were many newcomers, and the groups could hardly fit in the club cafe Pauza in Garden, in the Malopolska Garden of Art. The workshop brought interesting solutions, bringing the transformation of the character of the area along Warsaw Uprising Avenue a step closer.

May 16, 2015.

The inaugural 1st Super Paths workshop kicked off on Saturday, May 16, at the Malopolska Art Garden on Rajska Street in Krakow.

The first workshop day is behind us. Thank you all for your presence, active participation and sea of ideas. Work has started in full swing – the first seeds of projects have appeared.

There were many ideas: an urban waiting room with internet access or checkerboards in M. square. Eilego, a glazed winter garden in the ruins of the former Lubicz fort, or as basic as small catering facilities located in attractive and lightweight forms of pavilions near office buildings, up to quite crazy ones like a year-round Teflon slide or stairs that play like a piano keyboard, or sensory gardens.

Horizone Studio architects are co-leading three of the eight workshop groups.

Already, on behalf of the organizers and partners of Super Paths, we invite everyone to the next workshop, which will take place on 23.05 at 10.00 am also in the Malopolska Garden of Arts, in the club cafe Pauza In Garden ( 12 Rajska Street, entrance from Szujskiego Street).

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May 12, 2015

Before the first workshop planned for Saturday, May 16, the leaders of each workshop group met to discuss the startegy of conducting the work and divide the tasks.

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The Super Path team meeting was another organizational meeting held in the last 3 months. We are intensively preparing for the workshop to make the work as substantive as possible.

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May 6, 2015.

On the 6th of May 2015, in the KSOS building, a meeting took place between the organisers of the Super Path with representatives of various associations interested in urban space, bicycle transportation and related to Grzegórzki.

At the meeting, the idea and themes of the Super Path were presented and the associations were invited to take an active part in the workshop.

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