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Ericpol office building construction site report


The construction site of Ericpol headquarters in Lodz

In June 2013 construction of the new Ericpol office building in Łódź began, designed by Horizone Studio.

This class A contemporary office building has a total area of 11 500 m2 and is located on Sienkiewicza street on the plot of the former Olimpia swimming pool. The general contractor was Strabag and the building construction was completed in January 2015.

Below, there are several photos of the building under construction.

The new headquarters of Ericpol has been designed with two major considerations in mind. The first is to minimize the on-going maintenance costs of the building and the second, to limit any negative interferance this building may have within the surrounding environment.
The building construction in the shape of the letter X allows for optimum usage of the available terrain and flexible, economic use of the office spaces. The new building is expected to has 750 employees of the IT company.

More information about design: http://www.horizone.com.pl/en/projects/ericpol-office-building2

Entrance lobby area - 05.12.2014
Office room with a view towards park green area - 13.11.2014
Balcony details - 13.11.2014
Pavement works next to the side entrance - 13.11.2014
Night view from Tymienieckiego street - 07.11.2014
Office spaces in the night - 07.11.2014
Northern terrace on the 3rd floor in the night - 07.11.2014
Courtyard in the night
Courtyard elevations construction - 07.11.2014
Garden elevations - 30.10.2014
Details - 30.10.2014
Ericpol office building view from the park area - 16.10.2014
Coren steel elements of the "green islands" next to the southern entrance - 16.10.2014
Suspended ceiling in the corridors - 16.10.2014
Details of the staircase and WC - 16.10.2014
A room on the groundfloor with a view towards the courtyard - 02.10.2014
Entrance areas - 02.10.2014
Night view from Sienkiewicza street
Brick facade details - 26.09.2014
On the southern facade, names of the companies involved are incorporated into the brick facade
A graphic painted on a concrete wall in the main lobby - 26.09.2014
Works in the corridors - 26.09.2014
Glass walls of the meeting room in the 1st floor lobby - 26.09.2014
One of the office spaces - 26.09.2014
Suspended ceiling in the conference room
Fence in the park with a view towards Scheibler Palace - 18.09.2014
View from the terrace towards the main entrance area
Facades of the Ericpol Software Pool building - 28.08.2014
Mock-up of coloured shadow blinds
Courtyard facade and mock-up of coloured shadow blinds
Railing in the fire staircases - 21.08.2014
Windows with glass ribs, 300cm high - 21.08.2014
On the 3rd floor, looking towards park - 21.08.2014
View from the terrace on the 3rd floor - 21.08.2014
First stone plates mounted on the courtyard pavement - 21.08.2014
View from the balcony on the 3rd floor towards a courtyard - 21.08.2014
Curved glass elements
Glass walls of the meeting room in a lobby on the 1st floor
View from an office room towards Sienkiewicza Street - 07.08.2014
A courtyard - 07.08.2014
Delivery of the brick facade prefabricates - 07.08.2014
View from one of the rooms towads cathedral tower
A brick facade details - 26.06.2014
Facade made of Petersen Kolumba brick - 26.06.2014
Site from Sienkiewicza Street
Lobby on the 1st floor with the outline of a meeting room
Cables in a corridor
Details - 10.04.2014
1st floor view towards the entrance area - 10.04.2014
TABS concrete works - 20.03.2014
Pipelines of the thermally active slabs (TABS) - 20.03.2014
View from the ground floor lobby towards courtyard - 20.03.2014
Concrete works in the courtyard - 10.02.2014
Concrete works on the gound floor level - 09.12.2013
Foundation works of the underground parking - 30.10.2013
Slurry walls construction - 15.06.2013

The official ground beraking ceremony  on 7th June 2013.

7th June 2013


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